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Producer Muranishi
STAGE 3 - Season 1 & 2

Chairman Muranishi

Kanji 村西 社長
Romaji Producer Muranishi
Gender Male
Birthday September 26
Occupation(s) Idol (formerly)
Producer (currently)
Manager of SHIPS
Chairman of Muranishi Entertainment Agency
Zodiac Sign Libra
Blood Type B
Love Interest(s) Kumoi Kasumi
Debut Episode 2
Final Episode 153
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Susumu Chiba

Producer Muranishi (村西 社長 Muranishi Shachou?) is a producer and main character in Kirarin Revolution. Muranishi was born on September 26, and is a Libra. He has auburn hair and yellow eyes. His blood type is B. Muranishi is voiced by Susumu Chiba.


As discovered in episode 128, Producer Muranishi used to be in a band. While searching for inspiration for a new single, Milky Way and SHIPS come across an old tape. Kumoi Kasumi, overhearing their question as to whom the tape belonged to, tells them that Muranishi was in the band Shooting Stars.

Later on, after his idol career, Muranishi worked at Higashiyama, an entertainment agency. However, after the president, Higashiyama Kaoruko, stated that "idols are disposable like products," he left the company to start a new one with Kasumi and Nezumi, thus becoming the president and producer of Muranishi Entertainment Agency.


Producer Muranishi has a very cheerful and optimistic attitude. However, Kasumi always scolds him for his happy-go-lucky attitude. Producer Muranishi has a good eye for idols, and saw that Tsukishima Kirari would make a good idol.


Tsukishima Kirari (月島きらり): Producer Muranishi has a good relationship with Kirari, and with having a good eye for idols, he saw that Kirari would make a good idol.

Kazama Hiroto (風真 宙人): Producer Muranishi is the manager of SHIPS, thus he gets along great with both of them.

Hiwatari Seiji (日渡 星司): Producer Muranishi is the manager of SHIPS, thus he gets along great with both of them.

Kumoi Kasumi (雲井 かすみ): Kumoi Kasumi was originally the idol Hoshino Kasumi, and was very popular too. However, she left the Higashiyama company with Producer Muranishi to start their own company, and she soon became Kirari's manager. Despite having a cold attitude, Kasumi is actually very kind and gives good advice, having been an idol herself. Muranishi and Kasumi seem to secretly like each other, as proven in episode 50 and episode 71.

Higashiyama Kaoruko (ひがしやま かおるこ): Chairwoman Higashiyama is the president of the Higashiyama Entertainment Company. Producer Muranishi was originally her employee, but he quit after she said that "idols are disposable like products". Kasumi and Kaoruko are both rivals over Producer Muranishi's affection, as seen in episode 50 and 71.


In Episode 153, after Kirari wins the Diamond Queen title, Kasumi and Muranishi both watch Kirari perform "Happy☆Happy Sunday!" and Milky Way perform "Tan Tan Taan!". In the credits, a picture of everybody is seen with Kirari in the center wearing the Diamond Queen crown.