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STAGE 3 - Season 1 & 2


Kanji おばあちゃん
Romaji Obā-chan
Gender Female
Family Tsukishima Luna/Urara (daughter)
Tsukishima Takashi (son-in-law)
Tsukishima Subaru (grandson, eldest)
Tsukishima Kirari (granddaughter, youngest)
Occupation(s) Waitress at Kirarin Café
Love Interest(s) Unnamed Husband (deceased)
Kazama Hiroto
Debut Episode 2
Final Episode 153
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Masako Nozawa

Obaa-chan (おばあちゃん Obā-chan?) is a minor character in Kirarin Revolution, although she makes appearances often. Obaa-chan has gray hair and an unknown eye color because her eyes are always closed. Obaa-chan is voiced by Masako Nozawa.


Obaa-chan has a kind personality and appears to be wise, but is secretly a fan of SHIPS—more specifically, Hiroto. Obaa-chan appears multiple times throughout the series and gives her granddaughter Kirari idol advice, but Kirari would often ask how she knows so much about idols, to which Obaa-chan would try to pretend to not know what idols are by asking Kirari what they are. However, Obaa-chan's secret love of Hiroto is revealed in episode 34, when Hiroto visits Kirari's neighborhood. Near the end of the episode, Obaa-chan reveals that the reason why she is so obsessed with Hiroto is because her late husband looks like him. However, upon seeing a picture of him, Kirari realizes that he looks nothing like Hiroto.


Tsukishima Kirari (月島きらり?): She really cares about her grand daughter and is always there for her.

When Kirari was becoming an idol, Obaa-chan encouraged her. When Kirari said the word "idol," Obaa-chan pretended not to understand what it meant, but secretly is in love with Kazama Hiroto. Oddly enough, Obaa-chan gave Kirari her "tone-deafness," causing Kirari to fail being able to sing a note. However, with training, Kirari was able to overcome her terrible gene.

Kazama Hiroto (風真 宙人?) Obaa-chan has a rather odd relationship with Hiroto of SHIPS. While she pretends to not know anything about the world of idols, she has a secret crush on Hiroto and even keeps a secret poster of him hidden behind a calendar. Every time Obaa-chan thinks of Hiroto in a lovey-dovey way, Hiroto gets chills. She tells Kirari in one episode that the reason why she likes Hiroto so much is because he looks like her late husband, when in reality he doesn't at all.

Name OriginEdit

Obaa-chan's real name is unknown, however, "obaa-chan" means "grandmother."