Naa, Mya~ Wani-! No.1 Pet Tournament
Season 1, Episode 36
"Naa·Mya~·Wanii! Nanbaawan Petto Ketteisen!!"
Air Date
December 8, 2006
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
Ending Theme
Mizuiro Melody
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Naa, Mya~ Wani-! No.1 Pet Tournament!!(なー·みゃ〜·わにー!No.1ペット決定戦!!) is the 36th episode of the Kirarin Revolution anime series, which aired on December 8, 2006


Most of Muranishi Company is entering the pet contest all except Hiroto, since he does not have a pet. But with competion comes with rivals. Higashiyama company is also planning to join the competion to prove whose number one with their own pets. With many antics to drop most competiors out, will Kirari prove whose pet is number one.

Apperance ListEdit

  • Higashiyama Kaoruko
    • Its a person hosting the pet show
    • Easy problem
    • Its my turn~
    • Na-san's problem
    • I've got it right no matter what