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Mizuki Hikaru
STAGE 3 - Season 1 & 2


Kanji 観月ひかる
Romaji Mizuki Hikaru
Age 13
Gender Female
Birthday February 7, 1993 (1991 in manga)
Occupation(s) Student
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Height 160
Blood Type O
Love Interest(s) Tsubasa Wataru
Debut Episode 62
Final Episode 153
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Mai Hagiwara

Mizuki Hikaru (観月ひかる?) is a main character in Kirarin Revolution from episode 62 to episode 77. Afterwards, she becomes a minor character. She is thirteen years old. Hikaru was born on February 7 and is an Aquarius. She has bluish-green hair and yellow eyes. Her blood type is O. Before becoming a soloist, Hikaru was in an idol group with Tsukishima Kirari called Kira☆Pika. Hikaru is voiced by Mai Hagiwara.


In kindergarten, Hikaru was Red Riding Hood in the play Little Red Riding Hood. However, the play ended in failure, and ever since then, Hikaru had stage fright.


Hikaru's a very stingy girl but has great talent as an idol. She found Kirari an idiot at first, but they eventually become close friends. They were both sad when Kira☆Pika had to disband, and Hikaru became very fragile and sensitive after being with Kirari for a while. Kirari said that Hikaru wouldn't regret being an idol but at the very last moment, her debut was regretted and she quit before their last concert together. Hikaru came back and they spent their last moments as Kira☆Pika happily before they became soloists again.


Tsukishima Kirari (月島きらり?) is Kirari's friend and rival, and also the other member of Kira☆Pika. When they first meet, Hikaru acts rude and arrogantly towards Kirari, but it is later revealed that Hikaru is insecure and has stage fright. Eventually, Kirari helps Hikaru get over her fear. The two slowly become very close friends, but after an accident where Hikaru's crush, Tsubasa Wataru, gets hurt, Hikaru quits being an idol. However, Kirari holds one final Kira☆Pika concert before the two split up. Despite splitting up, the two remain good friends, as shown in Episode 153 when Hikaru comes to see Kirari win the Diamond Queen title.


Although Hikaru doesn't make much of an appearance in season 3, Hikaru goes to watch Kirari perform "Happy☆Happy Sunday!" after winning the Diamond Queen title in Episode 153.

Name OriginEdit

"Mizuki" means "beautiful moon," and "Hikaru" means "light," which is similar to the meaning of "Kirari," which means "shining."