Kirarin Café
Kirarin Cafe
Kanji きらりん☆カフェ
Romaji Kirarin Kafe
First Appearance Episode 53
Voice Actress/Actor

Kirarin Café is a café in the Kirarin Revolution universe. It was created by Tsukishima Takashi in episode 53. Ever since he was young, Takashi dreamed of running a café.


There are only two known menu items at the Kirarin Café:

  • Kirari Cream Puffs
  • Spring Sticky Fruits


In total, there are four workers at the Kirarin Café:

Name OriginEdit

Takashi calls his café the "Kirarin Café" in honor of his daughter, Kirari. Because of its name, the café is popular because of its association with the idol Kirari.


Kirarin Cafe Uniform

Standard uniform at Kirarin Café.

There are two standard uniforms at the Kirarin Café; for waitresses, their outfit consists of a light pink dress with a darker shade of pink stripes running down the skirt. Over the dress, the waitress wears a light pink apron with a dark pink bow. The waitress wears light pink stockings and dark pink shoes. On their heads, they wear a striped headband decorated with white lace.

As for the waiters, they wear black pants and a long black apron over a white long-sleeved shirt. Over the apron, the waiter wears a bow (although Hiroto and Seiji wore a tie when they were helping out at the café) and black shoes.


In the same episode the café was made, a well-known critic named Rokoko Mareda decides to critique the café. She asks for the Kirari Cream Puff and states, "A delicious cream puff opens a door of dreams in front of the eater's face. It's a very soft cream puff. But the taste is similar to eating a cream puff at home. It's too normal. The puff and the butter's balance is terrible. It tastes good, but it's not original. It's randomly made. I can't say it's professional. You must study how to make good snacks. Since the customers gave their money, you should use professional methods to make food. You are just using Kirari's name to open a third-level café." Rokoko then gives the cream puffs three starfishes, which is the absolute worse rating.

Later, Takashi creates a new menu item and Kirari brings Rokoko back to the café. Takashi shows Rokoko the Spring Sticky Fruits, which is a white chocolate dome with stars covering it. When Rokoko pours a special sauce on the dome, the chocolate melts and underneath it is a pile of cream puffs. Rokoko then says, "There is actually a small mountain of cream puffs. Using the sugar substance to melt the chocolate, it looks exactly like the sauce. This is like seeing the universe on my plate. Its appearance is not bad, but how about the taste?" Upon tasting it, Rokoko says, "The ingredients are like an emotional song. The melting in your mouth is like an orchestra." Rokoko then finishes the meal and gives it three glowing stars. Rokoko tells Takashi to continue making food to make people happy.