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Boee~! Challenge to a Song! !
Season 1, Episode 53
Kirarin Cafe Uniform
Irassyai-mase ☆ Kirarinn Cafe e Yōkoso♥
Air Date
April 13, 2007
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
Happy ☆彡
Ending Theme
Koi no Mahou wa Habibi no Bi!
Episode Guide
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Hello☆Welcome to Kirarin Café♥ (いらっしゃいませ☆きらりんカフェへようこそ♥ Irassyai-mase ☆ Kirarinn Cafe e Yōkoso♥?) is the 53rd episode of the Kirarin Revolution anime series, which aired on April 13, 2007.</p>


<p abp="535">Kirari's dad decides to follow his dream of opening his own café and uses Kirari's name. While everyone loves the food, a famous French food critic named Roccomari decides to stop by and critique the food. After trying a cream puff, Roccomari gives the lowest grade (three starfish), and explains that while the food is good it's very common and unoriginal. Kirari's dad then looks for the best ingredients and tries to find a way to impress Roccomari.</p>

Appearance ListEdit

  • Kirari</li>
  • Tsukishima Takashi</li>
  • Kirari's grandma</li>