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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

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Have fun!
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• 2/7/2014

Hello there.

Why is there a lot of comma wynn28?
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• 8/24/2013

Japanese Translators Needed!

If anyone here is fluent in Japanese and English, can you please translate some of our song lyrics to English? The following songs needs translation:

Everyday Precious Day
Half of Dream
Hate Hatena
Hikari no Naka e..
Hoshi no Shizuku
I Miss You
Kimi ga Iru
Koi Sign
Love Chick
Love x Mega
Makenki! Tsuyoki! Genki! Maemuki!
Mascara Colorful
Oh! Tomodachi
Puppy Love
Sayonara no Ring A Ring
Shiawase Clover
Soramimi Do Re Mi
Very! Berry! Strawberry!
Yume no Balloon
I know this is a very long list and might intimidate you into running away, however, as the admin, I want to make this wiki as resourceful as possible to the fans and potential fans for the show. It may take a long time, perhaps even months, until all of these songs are translated, but if we have to take it slow until we reach our final destination, then so be it. Also note that I will remove songs that have been translated. If you plan on translating, please post a reply saying you'll do so and which song.
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• 8/1/2013


Szia Fubuki Kilari vagyok! :P
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• 4/9/2013

Status Report

Here's the complete list of report statuses that we used here:

Status Name
This status means that the vandal just being reported and not yet reviewed by any admins.
This status means your report has been acknowledged by the admins, and currently being reviewed. No reason required for an admin to declare this status.
This status means your report has been reviewed, but the admins not yet decide whether the user is guilty or not. No reason required for an admin to declare this status.
Not Guilty
This status means the user you've reported has been reviewed and acknowledge for not being guilty for what he's done. However, his username will be under admin's surveillance and will immediately banned if any suspicious action detected. The reason of this action will be stated.
This status means the user you've reported has been reviewed and declared for being guilty for what he's done. No reason required for an admin to declare this status, but an admin needs to declare for how long the user will be banned. There are nine sub-status for this one, ordered based on the severity level:
Warning Message Issued
First Warning Issued
Second Warning Issued
Third Warning Issued
Final Warning Issued
Trial (Warning) Ban Issued
Instant Ban
Fully Banned
Permanent Ban
This status means the user previously has been declared as guilty, but his guilty status has been revoked due to some circumstances.The reason of this action will be stated.
This status means the report has been dropped, usually because of the reporter's request. The reason of this action will be stated.

Every admins who alter the "Report Status" of a report posted, will have to post their name next to the status. This just to make known, who is taking care of that report, and to simplify communication between other contributors and the admin who currently handles that report. For the wikia consistency and security matters, all of the process of reviewing and taking action for vandals will take time to be acknowledged by the Admins.
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• 4/9/2013

Vandal Report

Report any suspicious action about vandalism and stuffs here. An admin will respond to your submission at the latest 3x24 hours after report.

Reporting format:
(please swicth to source mode and copy the codes below)

VANDALISM REPORT FORM: Kirarin Revolution Wikia
Report Reason
(Vandalism/Profanity/Misbehave/Offensive Action/Other)
Action Scope
(Wikia Content/Chat Feature/Forum Page)
Report Status
Additional Information (if any)

Reported by Wynn22 (talk) at 03:44, April 9, 2013 (UTC)

Replace the <username> tag with the user's username, or his IP address in the case of unregistered user.
For Reason and Scope part, please pick everything that fits with what he's done, each one separated by comma (replace the / with , in case of multiple selection)
For the reason "Other", please state the reason in "Additional Information" part below.
If you want to put more detailed information, suggestion or comment, please do so in the "Additional Information" part.
Do not ever change the "Status" part. It gives information for the admins which one needs to be looked up. For the complete list of the status, please click here.
Only admins may update or change the value of this field. If any admins edit your report and updated the status, they will provide a reason if needed according to our rules.
Lastly, for your signatures, just use the pre-formatted signature provided above.
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• 4/9/2013

Guilty List

Everyone who've been proofed for doing vandalism, spamming, profanity, and other offensive action towards the wikia, will be listed down here.
Anyone who being banned, either from wikia, chat, forum or all, will also being listed here.
The codes for listing banned account(s) are provided below for any admins to post down here:

Kirarin Revolution Wikia Ban Report
Banning Reason
<detailed reason>
Action Scope
(Wikia Content/Chat Feature/Forum Page/All)
<ban length>
Expiry Date
<ban expires date>
Ban Level
<banning level, based on sub-status of "Guilty" Status>
Additional Information (if any)

Posted by Wynn22 (talk) at 03:40, April 9, 2013 (UTC)
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